Sage Leaf

Sage Leaf

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Also known as Salvia officinalis, Artemisia Tridentata. A tea made from the leaves of the Sagebrush became a standard eyewash for soldiers in the U.S. Army in the west, the practice having been learned from the Indians. Sage tea was used as a for inenza, taken warm while inhaling the fumes from a Sagebrush fire. If one’s legs were ailing, weakening or shaking, the Indians bathed them with hot Sagebrush tea and then poulticed them with Sagebrush leaves. To steady and strengthen mind and nerves the Indians drank the tea.

The tea was used for morning sickness during pregnancy. We have tried it and considered the bitter taste just as bad as the nausea! It causes vomiting itself to the sensitive stomach! The Sagebrush leaves were used for diarrhea, menstrual disorders and swellings. It was particularly used as a tonic after childbirth. Fresh leaves were crushed, strained and mixed with lukewarm water for stomach distress or were chewed for flatulence or as a tea for indigestion. The powdered herb destroyed worms in children and were so accepted officially in 1840 with the coming of the white man. The juice of the herb or the powder was put on moist sores which, with this procedure, were said to dry and heal quickly, as were “green wounds”.

For numbness of the feet a wash of Sagebrush was recommended followed by the application for wax and ground nettles. This same Sage and wax remedy was used for all foot injuries by the Aztecs.

This is the epitome of bitter herbs making it good as a stomach tonic for indigestion and acidity, or for an agent to promote sweating in dry fevers. Interestingly, modern use corroborates Dioscorides’ use of the herb for female ailments. It is good for suppressed, cramping menstruation, particularly following illness or some emotional or physical trauma (Moore: 162). It will help expel pinworm or roundworm infections, the secret being constancy with at least two cups a day for a week or two. Moore says that some people have informed him that they can abide the taste. We know a man who felt that his ailments could be helped by Sagebrush tea. He brewed himself a couple of doses each day and before long his chronic and painful aching in the chest and arms left him and he felt well again. He said the tea was bitter but not impossible to take.

A shrubby perennial. The strongly branched root, produces square, finely hairy sterns,and is woody at the base. Leaves are gray-green, textured, opposite, downy, entire or finely crenate. The floral leaves are ovate, ovate-lanceolate. Purple, blue or white two lipped flowers grow in whorls that form terminal racemes. It is commercially cultivated for a kitchen spice. Grows wild in southern Europe.

Fresh and dried leaves are used to flavor foods The flowers are tossed in salads. It is a antihydrotic, galactophygous, antispasmodic, and astringent. It helps reduce perspiration, and stops the flow of mother's milk. A tea is also used for nervous conditions, trembling, depression, diarrhea, a gargle for sore throat, tonsillitis, and laryngitis. Steep 1 teaspoon of the leaves in 1/2 cup water for 30 minutes. Take 1 cup a day, a tablespoon at a time. Extended or excessive use can cause symptoms of poisoning. The crushed fresh leaves are used to put on insect bites.

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